DRIVE Energy Group (DEG) specializes in providing small to large commercial businesses with unique cost savings to reduce overall monthly utility expenditures.

How can we help our clients?

By letting them focus on their business
Our client’s business is important. Sometimes the most important aspects of their lives. Energy costs are a large expense to a business’ bottom line. It makes sense to consider how and where you spend that hard earned money. Partnering with DRIVE Energy Group provides our clients with the resources necessary to manage their energy commodities expenditures and mitigate energy risk allowing them to focus on your their business operations and priorities.

By giving them the ultimate Power of Choice
DRIVE Energy Group strives to find unique offerings designed to meet the needs of different types of clients and organizations. We pride ourselves on giving clients expert guidance on their choices around purchasing natural gas and electricity. With the numerous suppliers and wholesalers in our network, we are able to deliver the perfect offerings and competitive programs to fit changing market, environment and overall business needs.

By providing attentive ongoing support
Our clients will experience the highest level of client care with one point of contact,  that specializes in simplifying the energy purchasing process. We take the time to ask questions and listen to your needs in order to develop the energy strategy that best meets your business goals. We remain vigilant as we follow the constantly changing energy markets. We will continue to provide the highest levels of attentive ongoing support throughout the length of our agreements and when it is time for renewals.